Hop, Skip, Jump | April 27, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 4 | | Editor: Colleen MacLeod | Published weekly on Mondays | #meadowlarkmonday


Virtual Getaway

Lake Louise, Alberta: did you know that Google Maps includes images of the path around Moraine Lake? Check it out here.

Bunnies on the Hop

Photo: Riley M.

Wayward domestic bunnies have been spotted around town. They are tame, but proving hard to capture. Lacey H. has posted information (to the community Facebook page) about the home for unwanted rabbits they offer on their farm. So if they can be caught, they will have a forever home. Thanks Lacey!

Latest posts suggest the bunny may have moved around town a bit. Lizzy seems to think she’s found a rabbit sleeping spot on Gib Bell.

Possible rabbit sleeping spot?

Meteor Shower

Vernon T. posted to the community Facebook page that the Lyrid meteor shower will remain active until April 30th. He suggests setting up a chair facing NE to enjoy the show!



Source: Text4Hope (Alberta Health)

“Self-care is always important. During times of stress, it becomes even more important as stress can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being. Hydrate, make a plan, prioritize sleep, meditate, unload and say no, connect with friends and family on phone even as you social distance.”


Skip to the Sidewalk Chalk Art

I have been enjoying the sidewalk chalk art some of our younger residents have been creating. One of the art projects on Madison extends almost a block and includes hopscotch and other challenges.

All the chalk art got me thinking — maybe we should have contests in the newsletter! So, without further ado:

Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest

Residents under 13 are invited to enter our first-ever Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest! Complete a chalk art project, have a parent send your address and a photo to themeadowlark.ca@gmail.com

Contest closes Sunday, May 3. Winning artwork will appear in our next issue with credit to the artist (if parent/guardian approves).


Get A Jump On Managing Your Money

I am pleased to introduce the Money 101 column which will appear weekly and help us all manage our money a little better. Welcome Grace!

Money 101

Grace Martin, ATB Financial

Well, here we are! April 2020! An epic moment in our lives. To say these are unprecedented times is an understatement. Personally, I am caught between loving the slower pace and being really worried about our countries (and by extension, all of our) financial stability. How are we going to meet our basic financial commitments, such as mortgage, groceries and bills? How do we find ourselves in a spot where losing one paycheck, puts us in a place of panic? If you are in this spot, you are not alone. Read more.


Creating Safer Communities

What do we do when something happens that shakes our belief in the safety of our community? By helping to build a stronger community we also build a safer community. One way we can do this is by getting to know our neighbors. In the era of social distancing, our options for this are limited but we can still try. Perhaps a quick chat over the fence as you work in your respective yards? The more we know our neighbors and engage with each other, the stronger and safer our community will be. Our community Facebook page is an excellent resource that people are already using to share information. Let’s keeping connecting online and keep striving to keep our little town a safe place for everyone.


In Case You Missed It

The seed fundraiser for the food bank continues. Check here for details.

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