Sunday Mornings | May 4, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 5 | | Editor: Colleen MacLeod | Published weekly on Mondays | #meadowlarkmonday

The Meadowlark made it to issue number 5. I am so grateful for people stepping up to help with content and making encouraging comments! It’s made a thing that was very scary to do a bit less so. Thank you! To find out how I can improve and grow this project, I’d like your feedback, pitches, and ideas. You can email or stop by I Love… today (May the 4th) at 5 PM, where, courage permitting, I will go live to review this week’s issue and respond to questions about The Meadowlark. I’m hoping to get some insight on how we can reach residents who aren’t active on Facebook.


Money 101: Budgeting

Grace Martin, ATB Financial

Setting goals in life is crucial. It helps us stay focused on what is important. A budget is an often-missed step in our goal-setting process. For instance, if one of your goals in the next 5 years is a big family trip, you need to set aside the funds or you will be trying to pay it off after the fact, which is never fun. It may also mean that you need to go camping or to Grandma’s house in the preceding years in order to be able to afford the big Disneyland adventure. There is nothing better than getting home from a great trip that is already paid for and conversely not much more depressing than going back to work knowing you need to pay off a 5K credit card bill before you can even think about the next trip. Read the full article.


Helping Others

The community Facebook group was very active over the weekend with people offering and requesting help. Everything from fish tank supplies to socket wrenches! Most of the offers don’t last long at all, but here are a few ways local people are raising money to help others.

Walk So Kids Can Talk

Yesterday I had the privilege of accompanying Grace Martin on a 5 km walk for charity. Grace did the walk to raise funds in support of Kids Help Phone and she has just shot past her goal of $200 by collecting $250! It’s not too late to contribute. Way to go Grace!

Paint So Kids Can Play

Irricana Playschool Fundraiser take and make kits: you can get a sign-making kit and support the Irricana Playschool! All kits include brushes, paint and instructions for everything you need for a completed project. Check the original post on I Love… by Katie C. for details.

Grow So Families Can Eat

I am collecting money for Airdrie Food Bank as they have temporarily stepped in to help residents while our food bank is closed. I will be taking orders for a bespoke blend of easy-to-grow flowers that I have successfully grown myself here in town: cosmos and bachelor buttons for a tiny cottage garden. I will take orders from now until May 15 and I appreciate early orders so I can ensure I have enough seed. Pay what you can (suggestion $3). Email if you want one!

Virtual Getaway

Having discovered Lake Louise on Google Maps, I thought I’d look for something a little further afield and voilà Machu Picchu, Peru! Since we can’t travel the world right now, virtual tours are a great way to escape reality for a bit. If you want to dig a little deeper into the art, culture and history of this area, Google has a page for that too!


Walking Around Town

More and more people are out walking around town, which is fantastic. Walking is so good for you: it increases the flow of oxygenated blood in the brain as well as boosting the release of feel-good endorphins and dopamine. Read more.

The stretch of Meadowlark Trail to the West of town is a great choice if you want to get off the sidewalks and into nature a little. Heidi H. posted the spring guidelines for the Meadowlark Trail on I Love… You should read the original post for the full set of guidelines, but here are two quick notes: get out on the trail when it is less busy to maintain social distancing and keep your dogs on leash.

Lavender & Mandarin Bath Salts Recipe

1/2 cup baking soda
1 cup Epsom salt
1 cup sea salt
18 drops lavender essential oil
6 drops mandarin essential oil

Pour salts into a fully dry bowl. Scatter essential oil drops onto salts. Stir well. Store in airtight, dry container. A mason jar works well and if you are up for making your own bath salts, you probably have some kicking around from other projects! If not, you can always post a request on I Love…


Barbie Doll Art

By Jane Philips

Over the years I have toyed (pun intended!) with the idea of using previously loved Barbie dolls for artistic expression. While not an original idea, they provide infinite possibilities for creative minds. My normal life is usually filled with activities that take me out of my home and solo creative pursuits and ideas often end up on the back burner. The present circumstances, however, have provided a perfect opportunity to engage in these activities as they require a great deal of time not allowed for in the hustle and bustle of my normal world. I used some of this time to take my first foray into creating stop-motion animation using Barbie and friends. You can check out my blog for a more detailed look at this new venture as well as find links to the videos themselves.

Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest!

Something for the kiddos! Residents under 13 are invited to enter our first-ever Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest! Send a photo of your child’s artwork to Contest closes Sunday, May 17. Lizzy and I will want to stop by the top projects to take some photos. The winning artwork will appear in our next issue with credit to the artist (if parent/guardian approves). The winners get candy courtesy of ATB Financial!


Sunday Morning, 6 AM

The early morning light on Sunday morning was achingly beautiful: the sky was a soft pinkish grey fading up into blue and down into orange, the clouds fluffy and under lit by the rising sun. The utter absence of human-made sounds highlighted the plethora of feathered voices. Robins, mourning doves, blue jays and sparrows are courting and offering their best performance to the morning. Verdant green blades are poking through the tired brown sod.

If you haven’t done so recently, try to get out early in the morning as the sun rises: a short stroll down the street or coffee on the deck with a fluffy blanket are equally appealing to me. Comment below on how you’d prefer to enjoy a few moments of peace in the morning. Are you a 1 or a 2?

  1. a brisk walk or run with your dog?
  2. coffee on the deck with a warm, soft blanket?

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