Victoria Day Special Issue | May 18, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 7 | | Editor: Colleen MacLeod | Published weekly on Mondays | #meadowlarkmonday


Happy Victoria Day

May long weekend is the traditional time for home and garden projects to really kick off and this year it was busier than usual with so many people off work. At our house we were busy getting the vegetable garden seeded and filling containers with blooms. Two of our neighbors were building decks and another one was planting flowers. Our neighbor who farms finished getting the crops seeded in time to enjoy the weekend. The beautiful weather made all the activity quite enjoyable. Today, the weather has shifted to dark and gloomy and it is supposed to rain most of the week. This is excellent news for all the farmers and gardeners!

It’s a perfect time for our first holiday Monday special issue (regular features and sections will return next week). This week we present two photo essays by Brian Corry. Follow us on Instagram for more photos throughout the week:

Walks with Lizzy

While it is my desire and intention to feature photos of other pets from around town, I haven’t gotten to that yet! Here’s the call to action: please email us your beautiful or humorous pet photos.

In the Land of Queen Victoria

I’m not much of a traveler but I have been fortunate enough to make two trips to the UK. My partner Brian is an amateur photographer and he took some truly stunning photos (I know I’m biased!) when we were in England and Scotland in 2015. Do you have great photos from a trip? email us and we may feature them in future issues.

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