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Fall Arrives | September 14, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 16 | | Editor: Colleen MacLeod | #meadowlarkmonday Harvest All around the area, harvest is in full swing and this was no different at Pioneer Acres yesterday. A post from their Facebook page: “Pioneer Acres last night. Our little crop of rye has been harvested and baled. Straw can’t of course be […]

Community Spirit | August 10, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 15 | | Editor: Colleen MacLeod | #meadowlarkmonday Community Spirit What is community spirit and how does it translate into safe and healthy communities? Believe me, there is a connection, so let’s dive in. Community spirit is having the desire to contribute to making your community a better place, promote your community, […]

Summertime | July 13, 2020

Volume 1 Issue 14 | | Editor: Colleen MacLeod | #meadowlarkmonday Update Whether you opt for summer staycations or perhaps trips around Alberta, summer is the time to be outdoors with family and friends. We are a bit weather-challenged so far this summer, so it’s even more important to take advantage of the warm, sunny […]